2015-08-13: The beta version 0.900 is released - Version history
2015-07-21: The beta version 0.880 is released - Version history
2015-07-20: The beta version 0.870 is released - Version history
2015-07-15: The first beta version 0.860 is released

What is TidyKronos?

TidyKronos is a FREE PC software for Korg (c) Kronos Music workstations/synthesizers. It allows you to handle *.PCG and *.SNG files.

With TidyKronos you can move programs, combinations, set lists, drum kits, drum pattern and wave sequences without loosing their common links (even the song timbres of *.SNG files).

What else can you do with TidyKronos?

  • quickly search and filter all sounds and sound-components
  • rename multiple sounds simultaneously with the multirename-tool
  • sort programs and combinations automatically with a powerful sorting-tool
  • copy song soundsets to combination, or combination to song
  • swap program banks
  • find duplicate or similar programs and combinations
  • change multiple program references from combinations, songs, set list slots and drumtracks
  • rename and change the order of all program and combination categories
  • multi edit categories, favorites, karma on/off and drumtrack on/off parameters of programs and combinations

What can you NOT do with TidyKronos?

  • You can NOT copy something from one PCG to another PCG. Use PCG Tools for this.
  • You can NOT edit Set List Slots. Use Onksor for this.
(Perhaps sometime I also implement these features)

See the screenshots to get a better idea

Click on the picture to open the gallery

FREE Download TidyKronos

I changed my provider - so you can't directly download the free windows installer for TidyKronos at the moment - sorry for that.

But I send you a download link if you write me a short mail to:

  NOTICE: When you download this free software and later you think it is useful, think about a donation. Thank you!

System requirements

Windows 10, 8, 7, XP I think it should also run under Windows Vista but I can't test it. Let me know, if it works or not!
Kronos OS 3 I just tested it with OS 3.0.2./3.0.3./3.0.4./3.1.2. I think it could also work with OS 2, but I'm not shure. Let me know, if it works or not!


Sorry, there is no manual yet. But you should read these hints (Click to toggle).

If somebody wants to write a manual, or if somebody wants to improve my bad english in the software, please let me know.
I do not recommend this software for kronos beginners! Only if you know, how your kronos works, this software could be very useful for you! I hope there are more such Kronos nerds and power-user like me ;-)


To get into contact with other users, or to ask questions, visit the korg forums:
Korg Forums, TidyKronos thread

If you have tips, remarks, ideas or if you found bugs, please send me an email:

For a donation use PayPal:
PayPal Donation

Disclaimer and Copyright

TidyKronos is a totally FREE software, however the executable and the source code may never be used for commercial reasons. Also the software may not be spread except by the developer. It may not be uploaded to web sites, peer to peer networks, spread by email or by other means without permission of the developer. This software is not affiliated by Korg, so requests, bugs, wishes, questions etc. should be directed to me.

I am not responsible for corrupt PCGs or SNGs. Therefore, always make a backup first and test regularly. I am not responsible for the content of the PCGs/SNGs being used with the software.